Use branding iron to:

- mark your products
- apply advertising
- secure your property


- Electrical heated
- Unheated handstamps
- Heated by gas
- Exchangeable letters

Application of the design is very simple; even for people with no experience.

The branding irons are made of an engraved brass plate, which lasts forever.Depending on the application, various heating sources for the iron are available. The interchangeable plate system guarantees flexibility for application of multiple plates with one heating unit.

Branding irons, also referred to as branding stamps are not only used to brand various lumber, but also to mark composite materials. The same equipment is used.

In the FAQ you will find a number of answers to frequently asked questions about working with "primo Stemp - branding irons".
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Fire painting

Also available: fire painters

Fire painting is an ancient art.
We offer you the appropriate equipment and a variety of workpieces. We make working with these tools simple because the workpieces are already mapped out. Thus, the success is guaranteed.

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