Hand presses


A hand lever press makes our 1st and 3dr type branding irons perfect for smaller series-production. You will reach a high accuracy of the repeats and the position of the stamps won’t change.

- Strong design
- Suitable for various branding irons (400 W and engraving plate size up to 90 x 40 mm.)
- Engine mount does not swivel





Hand-operated presses can be equipped with fuel temples of different services.
Larger stamps can be combined with our digital temperature controller "TR 1600".




Präzisionspresse T3 Präzisionspresse BK

Precison presses are manual presses which can be installed with different burning stamps. The clever technology makes the usuage very easy. The linear guide needs hardly any manipulation. Therefore, extremly repeatable combustions are possible. The press has a clamping of 43 mm. The gap height is infinitely adjustable. The presses can be delivered with or without temperature control electronics.

As shown in the illustrations on the left, this machine can be used with a small hand branding iron or with a branding head (for flexible exchange of engraving plates).