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Information for file transfer

We can process your templates as paper image, as well as a digital file.

If you want to send us a file, you can do so by email.
Preferred formats are vector files such as:
* . cdr, * . ai , * . fh , * . eps
Please also send us an image file or pdf file to check.

Other suitable file formats are:
All image files: . . * Jpg, * bmp, tif, * gif, psd files as well as in PDF format . . . .
(Please note that the delivery of a pixel image such as JPG file will cause additional costs)

Please send us your image by FAX: (0351-65260105), email or snail mail :
e.g. Movies, artwork, letterheads, business cards, sketches, etc.
(Please note that the delivery of this files will cause additional costs)

If there is no black and white drawing, we can gladly take over the processing of color documents.
You will always receive a proof for verification of the design.

We look forward to your designs!

PDFGuidelines for the logo design