Temperture controller

Temperature controller AC-2000-PC

This temperature controller set the working temperature of the burner (max 2000 watts). The setting of the temperature is carried out indirectly via a modulation of the operating voltage of the heater. The use of the regulator is especially recommended for marking plastics, felt, thick cardboard, food and leather, as the temperature here must be lower than when burning wood. The labeling temperature must be determined by experiment depending on the type of plastic or leather. To burn wood, a regulator is not mandatory, but reduces the risk of overheating and burning of heating elements by lowering the voltage.



Temperature controller R-2000-PC

With this analog controller you can regulate the temperature indirect about the tension. The regulation is stepless (scala with 12 steps for information).
An exactly regulation of the temperature is not possible.

Secure the plastic housing of your devices with a branding iron. A computer or montior are provided with your logo or name. Burning marks can not be removed, in contrast to other methods.

The marking can be made with the same instrument, with which you burn wood. In addition, however, you should make a temperature control with a temperature regulator, as the temperature for the marking of plastics may not be as high as when burning wood.

This device is switched just before the heater.



Digital temperature controller TR1600

With our digital controller “TR1600” you can regulate the temperature very exactly.
The sensor is behind the branding sheet. For the labeling of synthetic materials (e.g. leather) you have to use a controller, because you use lower temperature than for wood.

This unit is verry good for production of series.